by and with: Maude Arès, Mathieu Arsenault, Marie-Claude Garneau, Antoine Beaudoin Gentes, Marilou Craft, Nicholas Dawson, Philippe Dumaine, Carolyne Scenna, Danièle Simon







300 min
bilingual (en + fr)

March 3, 2018, 7 pm - 12 am
DHC/ART - foundation for contemporary art, Montreal, for Nuit blanche


For the 2018 edition of Nuit blanche à Montréal, DHC/ART has commissioned projets hybris to present thegiftsofthegifted, a performative and interactive intervention in response to the exhibitions L’OFFRE and Bill Viola: Naissance à rebours, presented at DHC/ART. 

After visiting the exhibitions, the public is invited to DHC/ART’s Education room (465 St-Jean Street, basement level) in order to experience thegiftsofthegifted. Wishing to continue the reflections initiated by the exhibitions at DHC/ART, projets hybris welcomes the public in a space where discussion and work are superimposed. They are led to share ideas and objects gathered during their visit of the exhibition halls. These gifts become raw material for the work of the performers of projets hybris. Over the course of the evening, the materials are triturated, deconstructed, assembled; excerpts of conversation are noted and then transformed. Meanings change, bodies get tired, ideas accumulate ... thegiftsofthegifted explores issues relating to the work of being an artist, intellectual implications of art practice, transformation, dissonance and circulation of knowledge.


thegiftsofthegifted is part of Dissections, a series of interdisciplinary events organized by DHC/ART Education. The invitation to projets hybris comes with a desire to blend multiple artistic forms. Dissections wishes to multiply and diversify discourses around the works exhibited at the Foundation in order to further the dialogue with the public

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Trailer directors: Maude Arès + Carolyne Scenna
Trailer music: Mathieu Arsenault
Performance photos: Marc-Olivier Bécotte, Keven Lee, Marie-Hélène Lemaire