Propositions for the AIDS Museum


director: Philippe Dumaine
dramaturgy: Sophie Devirieux
production manager: Karine Cusson
lights: Hugo Dalphond
space: Steeven Pedneault
video: Maude Arès
costumes: Danièle Simon + Philippe Dumaine
music composition: Mykalle Bielinski
with: Jordan Arseneault, Mylène Bergeron, Mykalle Bielinski, Alex-Ann Boucher, Joseph Elliot Israël Gorman, Alexis B. Martin, Danièle Simon
guests* : Puelo Deir (16/10), Karen Herland (17/10), Roger Leclerc (18/10)

An augmented and extended version of this show was presented in 2017.
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group show
105 min
bilingual (en + fr)

October 16-18, 2014
8:30 pm
Aux Écuries, Montreal, for the Éclectique series of Phénomena festival


Propositions for the AIDS Museum is about the history of activism that emerged from the AIDS crisis. Through embodiment, text and image, our team will attempt to make sense of erased histories and reflect on the possibility of reactivating their fights in the current political context. By proposing a living museum dedicated to this struggle, projets hybris will take on larger themes such as : art as a mnemonic device, loss as a catalyst for political action, and the deconstruction of barriers between disciplines as a mean of resistance.

Propositions for the AIDS Museum is motivated by a genuine desire to discuss feelings of loss compelling political will and seeks to call into question the normative notions of History. Interdisciplinary and bilingual, the show will present a kaleidoscopic vision, eschewing didactic approaches towards the AIDS crisis. We wish to thoughtfully explore the issues of a struggle that held an entire generation in its grip: the upheaval, the rebellion, and the commitment to political action as a matter of life and death.

*A section of the show includes a live interview with a different guest every night.


Produced by projets hybris, Propositions for AIDS Museum is presented as part of the  Éclectique series of Phénomena festival 2014. Creative residencies were held at Maison de la culture Frontenac, École supérieure de théâtre and Centre communautaire des gais et lesbiennes de Montréal. Produced by Filles électriques, Phénomena is a bilingual interdisciplinary festival aiming to promote and disseminate emerging practices, unclassifiable and atypical approaches.


Mediation activities

Talkbacks with the artists and the public took place after every show.

Mylène Bergeron and Philippe Dumaine took part in the Pay What We Can: Queer Countercultural Praxis in Montreal Now roundtable as part of the American Council for Québec Studies’ Biennial Conference on October 16, 2014.

Promotional campaign

Director teaser 1: Maude Arès
Director teaser 2: Alexis B. Martin
Graphic design + photography: Julien Hébert
Performance photos: Julien Hébert