Orphée revolver


director + costumes: Philippe Dumaine
assistant director + stage manager: Sophie Devirieux
scenography: Andréane Bernard
music: Mykalle Bielinski
with: Luc Chandonnet, Marie-Ève de Courcy, Danièle Simon, Mylène Bergeron, Mykalle Bielinski




spectacle de groupe
87 min
bilingual (fr + en)

November 8-17 2012, 8 pm
Théâtre Sainte-Catherine, Montreal


Orpheus: a mythical figure, a great poet, a pillar of western culture.
Eurydice: a damsel in distress, a lost possession that must be retrieved.

With Orphée revolver, projets hybris dives in the myth of Orpheus to give Eurydice a voice. The strong, unique, at times violent voice of a woman. A voice that resonates like a gunshot, lines spat out as the barrel spins away. Orphée revolver is everything at once, a math problem, a conference on femininity, the rewriting of a myth, an immersion in pop culture. In the crosshairs, four Eurydices, four possibilities for a contemporary heroine. A dangerous gamble: when you play Russian roulette, you can’t always win.

Soon after her marriage to the great poet Orpheus, Eurydice the nymph is bit by a snake and dies. Her husband, madly in love (or desperately possessive) will do everything in his power to bring his wife back to life. But what about Eurydice? What if she refused to come back from the underworld? What would happen if she had free will? If she was given a voice to reveal it all, a voice to scream her rage to the face of the world, could we withstand her discourse?

By rewriting the myth of Orpheus, projets hybris invites the public to question the mythical foundations of their own society. By doing so, the team seeks to unveil the gendered inequities and power relations inherent to western mythologies. Armed with discursive logic, Orphée revolver deconstructs the so called natural image of women in order to restore the aggressivity and violence long denied to Eurydice. Orphée revolver is a genuine immersion into gender supported by composite textual materials. Fine arts, pop culture, essays and papers, math problems, but also artists, sex workers, murderers… all are invited to join Eurydice on her ascent back onto solid ground.


Previous version

Orphée revolver, first version of the group show, 70 min, ZH festival, Maison de la culture Maisonneuve, 2010
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Orphée revolver is produced by projets hybris

Mediation activities

Talkbacks with the artists and the public took place after each show.

Promotional campaign

Teaser directors + photography: Maxime Brouillet + Antoine Pommet
Graphic design: Philippe Dumaine
Performance photos: Maxime Brouillet