new show in development

creative residencies

Carrefour culturel de Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, January 2019
Centre de création O’Vertigo, Montréal, February 2019
Aux Écuries, Montréal, April 2019

director: Philippe Dumaine
dramaturgy: Marilou Craft
lights: Catherine Fournier-Poirier
Maude Arès, Antoine Beaudoin Gentes, Laurence Gauthier-Brown, Danièle Simon


cruel·le is a new interdisciplinary work by projets hybris, interested in the growing distance between utopias and possibilities in the neoliberal era. By addressing anxiety and depression as social phenomena, cruel·le explores the ways in which political structures push marginalized populations to their own ruin. At the intersection of music, performative practices and visual research, cruel·le seeks to celebrate the resilience of those who defend themselves every day.


cruel·le is a work by projets hybris that is currently in development. Creative residencies were held at Carrefour culturel de Notre-Drame-des-Prairies, Centre de création O’Vertigo and Aux écuries.