projets hybris in Canadian Art


In Canadian Art, Amber Berson writes about the exhibition 69 Positions: Porter Témoignage / Our Vanishing, presented last August at the MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels). Curated by Jamie Ross, the exhibition brought together archives from VIVO Media Arts Center, Vidéographe, Archives gaies du Québec, The ArQuives, ARTEXTE and members of the Front de libération homosexuelle, with contemporary works by Hazel Meyer, David Widgington and projets hybris.

"By asking what's missing, and by engaging not just artists and archives, but also activist groups, Ross creates a loop between the origin of the 1969 decision and the current push for body sovereignty, visibility and recognition of difference in queer communities. "

projects hybris presented the banner Nous rêvions à des colères magnifiques, a central accessory of the show Youngnesse (2018). The text is a quote from the poet Huguette Gaulin, in his collection Lecture en vélocipède: Poetry 1970-1971 (1983, Red Grass).

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Philippe Dumaine