projets hybris in JEU - revue de théâtre


projects hybris, Youngnesse and Propositions for the AIDS Museum will be addressed in an article of the ENJEUX section of issue 162 of JEU - revue de théâtre.

The author is Marie-Claude Garneau, who contributed to the creation of the first version of Youngnesse presented at OFFTA in June 2016. She reveals the main axes of projets hybris' research-creation practice in her article, "La colère magnifique de projets hybris".

The 162nd issue of the magazine JEU will be available at kiosks and bookstores on April 5. It will be launched at Théâtre Aux Écuries on Monday, April 10, starting at 4 pm, in collaboration with Festival du Jamais lu.

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Philippe Dumaine