Double the festivals for projets hybris at OFFTA and FTA


projets hybris has festival fever this week, with presentations at OFFTA and FTA. During two collective events, projets hybris presents tributes to two spirited authors: Mary MacLane and Huguette Gaulin.

i await the devil's coming
by Philippe Dumaine and Danièle Simon
with Danièle Simon
for Body Politic, organized for OFFTA (Montreal) and //BUZZCUT// (Glasgow)
June 3, 2017, 10:30 pm, Monument-National

i await the devil’s coming follows various leads built around Mary MacLane’s 1902 autobiography of the same title. A dive into the workings of a sulphurous, feminist, illuminated mind, i await the devil’s coming explores the nascent desire, the solitude of a gray dawn, the troubles of a restless identity. While in the distance a red red line appears, and a smell of mint hangs, Mary MacLane longs for the devil that never comes.


Maude Arès, Mathieu Arsenault (Technical Kidman),
Antoine Beaudoin-Gentes, Philippe Dumaine, Danièle Simon
for Total Space Party, event organized by Wants & Needs (Montreal) in collaboration with FTA (Montreal)
May 31, 2017, 10:30 pm, Coeur des sciences (QG of FTA)

For the Total Space Party - "Mythologies montréalaises" edition, projets hybris puts forward a furious and luminous hommage to Huguette Gaulin, a Quebec poet who published only one volume, Lecture en vélocipède, in 1972.


Philippe Dumaine