projets hybris seek to be in constant conversation with feminist, antiracist, decolonial and queer ideas, practices and struggles of today.


A living queer library



June 3, 2019, 5 p.m.
Quartier général of Festival TransAmériques, Coeur des sciences UQAM, 175 President-Kennedy Avenue, Montréal

hosted by projets hybris (Antoine Beaudoin Gentes, Marilou Craft, Philippe Dumaine, Danièle Simon)
4 guest artists and activists: Florence Ashley, Dimani Mathieu Cassendo, Nicholas Dawson, Virginie Jourdain

in collaboration with L’Euguélionne, feminist bookstore

part of FTA’s Playground series
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Under the fertile, open-minded approach of the projets hybris company, artists and other guests share curiosities and favourite works from their own queer libraries, in association with the feminist bookstore L’Euguélionne. Works that enlighten, transform and elevate. Ideas incarnated in the body are an exploration of queer culture anchored in literature.




An invitation of projets hybris
Guests: Mélanie Binette, Ligia Borges, Iulia-Anamaria Salagor (Conseil des arts de Montréal), Anne-Elizabeth Côté, Jérôme Pruneau + Fanny Guérin (Diversité artistique Montréal), Claude Chapleau Champagne + Marven Clerveau + Frédéric Péloquin (Exeko), Marie-Claude Garneau, Catherine Bourgeois + Edon Descollines (Joe Jack et John), Lara Kramer, Florencia Marchetti, Pablo Matos + Michael Toppings (MAI - Montréal arts interculturels), Mylène Bergeron + Philippe Dumaine (projets hybris), Catherine Joncas (Ondinnok), Roxanne Robillard, Michelle Lacombe (VIVA! art action)

marginalized subjects, identities and histories in the performing arts

one-day conference

May 28, 2015, 10 am – 6 pm

Usine C, Montreal, for OFFTA - live arts festival


In an attempt to assess various ongoing processes of exclusion in the performing arts community, projets hybris invites artists, academics and cultural workers to reflect on the matter and provide a diversified picture of the situation. The results of this call-out are gathered for Offstage: marginalized subjects, identities and histories in the performing arts, a one-day conference presented as a satellite activity of OFFTA 2015.

Offstage presents a large panorama of alternative or marginalized artistic practices showing the richness of contemporary creation from Montreal and from abroad. More than a plea for a more inclusive scene, this conference seeks to put forward the energy of artists and institutions who keep this resistance towards vehicles of exclusion at the core of their work. The practices highlighted during this conference stand out by their social and political activism as well as by the boldness and innovation they champion. Offstage wants to act as a get together, as an opportunity to reflect and learn from one another through informal discussions between artists, institutions, academics, promoters and the public.



Press release and program (French)


The members of projets hybris regularly take part in symposiums and panels to discuss their work.


Intervention about projets hybris and its feminist practice
Marilou Craft + Philippe Dumaine
Panel Pratiques théâtrales : de nouveaux territoires as part of La place des femmes : chantier féministe, organized by Femmes pour l’équité en théâtre (FET) and Espace GO (Montréal), April 11, 2019

Intervention about the role of failure in projets hybris’ work
Marilou Craft + Philippe Dumaine
Panel as part of Femmes frictions organized by Dare-Dare and La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, Jeanne-Mance Park (Montréal), September 15, 2018

Intervention about projets hybris and their new creation i await the devil's coming

Mylène Bergeron + Philippe Dumaine + Danièle Simon
Panel Canvassing Live Art organized by OFFTA et //BUZZCUT// festival (Glasgow), OFFTA, Monument-National (Montreal), June 3, 2017

Intervention about (More) Propositions for the AIDS Museum
Philippe Dumaine
Panel Affect, mémoire et politique organized by the Pratiques interartistiques et scènes contemporaines - PRint (UQAM) research group, La Chapelle - Scènes contemporaines (Montreal), April 26, 2017

Intervention about projets hybris
Mylène Bergeron + Philippe Dumaine 
Seminar Imaginaires du féminin dans la dramaturgie contemporaine by Prof. Catherine Cyr, Litterature Department, UQAM (Montreal), March 16, 2017

Intervention about projets hybris
Mylène Bergeron + Philippe Dumaine
Panel Sonder le MixOFF : enjeux des pratiques co-contemporaines organized by aparté | arts vivants, OFFTA, Monument-National (Montreal), June 3, 2016

projets hybris : l’interdisciplinarité comme posture résistante
Mylène Bergeron + Philippe Dumaine
Symposium Héritage, évolution, subversion : l’analyse féministe dans le théâtre québécois contemporain organized by Marie-Claude Garneau, 7e Congrès international des recherches féministes dans la francophonie - CIRFF, UQAM (Montreal), August 24, 2015

L’interdisciplinarité : une posture critique, un mode de travail
Mylène Bergeron + Philippe Dumaine
Seminar Offstage: marginalized subjects, identities and histories in the performing arts organized by projets hybris, OFFTA, Usine C (Montreal), May 28, 2015

D’une inclusion critique du réel en création
Sophie Devirieux + Philippe Dumaine
Seminar Le réel en récits et en actes II organized by Claire Legendre for the Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur la littérature et la culture québécoises - CRILQ, Université de Montréal (Montreal), April 28, 2015

Propositions for the AIDS Museum : l’interdisciplinarité comme mise en doute de l’histoire normative
Mylène Bergeron + Philippe Dumaine
Panel Pay What We Can: Queer Countercultural Praxis in Montréal Now organized by Jordan Arseneault as part of the Queer Québec symposium, 19th Biennal Conference of American Council for Québec Studies - ACQS, Marriott Château Champlain (Montreal), October 16, 2014

Brûler l’histoire : création documentaire et mise en doute des savoirs normatifs 
Mylène Bergeron + Philippe Dumaine
EDGY colloque organized by Studio 303, EDGY redux festival, Studio 303 (Montreal), March 8, 2014