projets hybris is an interdisciplinary, queer and feminist creation company based in Montreal.


By positioning itself at the intersection of several disciplines, projets hybris strives to make collaboration the operating principle of all its projects. Our work is grounded in the ambiguity of connections, the ephemerality of intersections, and the methodological destabilizations brought about by disciplines colliding.

Our artistic practice is defined by its eminently political content. Our creations are strongly influenced by queer and feminist practices, in terms of ideas, forms, and approaches. We take a critical look at the power relationships that underlie our communities by centering, in all our projects, issues relating to marginalized individuals, knowledges, histories and cultures.

Deconstruction processes are at the very heart of our work. We set up non-hierarchical contexts for creation, where improvisation leads artists from several disciplines to shift conventions by suggesting innovative images and constructions. This egalitarian mode of creation pushes individuals to overcome their limits, resulting in rich, uninhibited propositions. The original performative forms developed by projets hybris thus work towards a certain dissolution of the boundaries and frameworks attached to artistic disciplines.




Although projets hybris has been showing work in Montreal since 2010, the company has gained increased attention in recent years, partly thanks to the public and critical success of Propositions for the AIDS Museum, an interdisciplinary reflection on the political and artistic response to the AIDS crisis, presented at Phénomena festival (2014) and in a reworked version at La Chapelle (2017).

Among projets hybris’ ongoing projects are Youngnesse and i await the devil's coming, two new works from which “in progress” versions were presented as part of OFFTA in 2016 and 2017. projets hybris was recently commissioned by DHC / ART - Fondation for contemporary art (Montréal), to create a 5 hours, performative and participative intervention. Titled thegiftsofthegifted, it was presented as part of Nuit blanche in Montreal on March 3, 2018.

projets hybris' works are hosted by institutions and festivals known for their avant-garde programming (Galerie de l’UQAM, La Chapelle, OFFTA, etc.). We infiltrate various networks and venues - theaters, contemporary art galleries, alternative scenes, universities - which in turn push our practice towards ever more hybrid forms. The creations of projets hybris have been awarded prizes (Cartes Prem1ères) and given residencies by several Québec institutions (Productions Recto-verso, Maison de la culture Frontenac, LA SERRE - live arts, City of Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, etc.).

projets hybris regularly takes part in collective events (Short & Sweet, do it Montréal, Total Space Party, Cabaret Tollé, Body Politic ...) that allow us to share our work with various audiences. Furthermore, artists associated with projets hybris are participating in numerous conferences, round tables or publications. These opportunities are relevant to the sustainability the company,  as they are occasions of inscribing projets hybris’ practice in the written and oral history of living arts. It also ensures that our critical, political discourse is included in ongoing discussions in the livings arts field.




projets hybris is lead by a core collective of four people.


Antoine Beaudoin Gentes is an actor, art teacher and activist. He is involved with multiple programs for social inclusion such as Les Muses, a school for artists with disabilities and Espace Transition, a project from the CHU Sainte Justine offering drama classes for teenagers with mental health issues. He is also a member of Gender Kreativ Kids Canada. He is cofounder the art collective Comptoir public. projets hybris is a space for him to further a queer and radical research as a performer.


Since studying theatre, Marilou Craft has been active in the live arts scene as a dramaturg, writer and performer. She has authored reviews, articles, columns and commentaries on various platforms, both on the radio and in the written media. Through her actions, she advocates for minority groups in the arts. As a writer, she is developing intimate work, which so far has been published at Éditions de Ta Mère, La Mèche and Nota Bene. She also studies the law, with a focus on discrimination.


Philippe Dumaine is an art historian, curator and director. His theoretical research explores the possibilities of affirmation of a queer point of view in contemporary art history and the politics of failure put forth by queer approaches. His texts have been published by esse, Jeu, aparté, Editions du Remue-ménage and Optica. He has directed over 10 creations with projets hybris and works as Cultural Mediation Coordinator at Galerie de l’UQAM, one of Canada’s leading university art gallery.



Danièle Simon is an actress, performer, visual artist, costume designer and art teacher. Always testing her body limits throught resistance and endurance, Simon puts forward strong and subversive feminist corporalities. She has been working with projets hybris since the inception of the company. In her work as an art teacher, she strives to use creativity and unconventional settings to help children with learning or behavioral disabilities express and develop themselves.


The core collective relies on a network of frequent collaborators that include

Maude Arès
Mathieu Arsenault
Jordan Arseneault
Mylène Bergeron
Hugo Dalphond
Nicola Dubois
Marie-Claude Garneau




projets hybris
6405 St-Denis
Montréal, QC
Canada H2S 2R8